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How easy is this? We will pay you for your information. Do you know or have a club/association/school /business or person needing to update their uniforms or team wear? Most of us are members of a club or association or part of a business or school community. Simply provide their details and we will pay you a commission for any converted referral. No contracts and no scams. See Terms and conditions below :

Terms and conditions for commission

Commission payments will be made on any successfully converted referral at a rate of 7.5% on the sale amount. The referral must include the name, contact number and association/school/club/business or persons etc to which you are referring. Failure to supply this information null and voids the commission payable. The more information that can be provided will assist with the conversion of your referral.

Referrals must be provided in writing via email. Verbal or sms referrals are not acceptable

Referrals for your own business are not acceptable. Referrals from spouses are also not acceptable.

Commissions are not transferable

Commission payments will be made upon receipt of a deposit for an order from the club/school/association and or persons referred Commission payments are final

In the event we receive two referrals for the same club/association/club etc it will be paid on a first come first served basis.ie who has sent the first written request via email with all information provided.Sportsmagic Pty Ltd’s decision is final All commission payments will be made via cheque or direct deposit.

This Agreement shall not render the referrer an employee, partner, or joint venture with Sportsmagic Pty Ltd for any purpose. The Referrer is and will remain independent in his or her relationship to Sportsmagic Pty Ltd. Sportsmagic Pty Ltd shall not be responsible for withholding taxes with respect to the Agent's compensation hereunder. The Agent shall have no claim against the Sportsmagic Pty Ltd hereunder or otherwise for vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits, social security, worker’s compensation, health or disability benefits, unemployment insurance benefits, or employee benefits of any kind.

How many people in your club/school/association? How many pieces will they need? The numbers quickly add up and so can your commission

E.g We sell 100 units @ $25.00 = $2500. Payment to you $187.50

We sell 500 units @ $25.00 = $12500.00 Payment to you $937.50

We sell 1000 units @ $25.00 = $25000.00 Payment to you $1875.00

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