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Sublimation brings creative and unique designs to sportswear and uniforms. It is quite different from the traditional way of sewing where different coloured clothes of different materials were sewed together to bring a unique uniform for different sports. Embroidery, screen-printing and heat pressing were common on them to add extra features on it. Instead, with the process of sublimation, you get a great option of designing your uniform by adding many colours, patterns and logos and even the ad sponsors to fit best on your uniform. Sublimation brings more space to use your creativity while maintaining the look of the uniform.

The best part of sublimation is that all the designs and patterns made are within the material itself. Therefore, there is no peeling off the logos or texts and sticking or cracking of the text due to sweat. The design will remain intact with the uniform and will maintain its look.

If you are looking for sublimated teamwear in Australia, look no further than Sportsmagic.com.au,one of Australia’s leading sportswear and team uniform designer, Sportmagic brings the most incredible variety of Custom Designed Sports Uniforms for different sports. With sublimation, you can have endless designing options and have them customized to suit your team/club/school or association. We have the best designers available for different customers’ needs. Although many companies opt for the DIY section to allow their customers to design their own on their website you are limited by the templates provided on these DYO sites.Sportsmagic prefers to do all this hardwork for you. We listen to what you, the client/customer would like and set about designing your new uniform to your specifications. We understand most people don’t have the time to spend fiddling with DIY options and this is especially difficult for clubs/school and associations who have many committee members with varying opinions on what they would like to see on a design. Reasons to choose us for your Sublimated Teamwear in Australia -

  • no minimum orders
  • unlimited designs and colours available
  • unlimited logos (limited by size of garment only)
  • Logo placement at no additional charge
  • No sweatshops, factories to work with are selected precisely

Contact us if you wish your sports team to get a smarter look with the latest sublimated uniform or sportswear and help them standout

Netball bibs   A-line dresses
and Bodysuits
  Crop top
banners   Jackets & Hoodies   Jersey
Pants   Polos   Shorts
Singlets   Tee   Tights
What is sublimation?
Sublimation is the latest technology in sportswear design.Whilst we still offer embroidery,screen printing and heatpressing

services these limit your design capabilities.With sublimation you are able to fully customise your own entire outfit with as many colours,patterns,logos and or sponsors as your garment can fit.

This is because all the design and text is within the material itself.What this means is there will no longer be peeling logos or texts, no logos/print sticking or cracking due to sweat, thus designs will remain vibrant and resist fading over time.

Design possibilities are endless with sublimation.You are limited only by your imagination.
Unsure how to get started? Need help with a design? We have designers available to help.Many companies will have a DYO section that allows you to play around with designs.However in our experience these are very limiting and ultimately very restrictive with patterns and styles.Most of our customers do not want to spend time fiddling with these DYO options.They would prefer to let us know what they are thinking,what images and styles they would like to recreate and then leave it to us.We can do the hard work for you.Here at Sportsmagic Pty Ltd we can organise an appointment for you to sit down with one of our designers and start creating.    
Sportsmagic Pty Ltd has a joint venture factory in China which we visit several times a year.We work closely with the 18 dedicated staff to ensure the production process from design to delivery is on time and our customers are completely satisfied with their finished garment.

Why choose us? Its simple.
- no minimum orders
- unlimited designs and colours available
- unlimited logos (limited by size of garment only)
- Logo placement at no additional charge
- No sweatshops.This is very important to us hence we were
  very selective in which factories we chose to work with

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