My name is Tony Clark, I am an Biripi man from the Taree region of the Mid North Coast of Australia. I have been painting, drawing and creating my own artworks for a number of years and have started sharing and producing my artwork on a professional basis over the past four years. I have always been fascinated by art and thought that it would be deadly to be able to paint and learn more about my culture as I did it. As well as learning about my culture and traditions from my family, I have learnt from and been inspired by my Elders and community members.

Originally starting out doing just paintings, my artwork quickly expanded and I was able to incorporate my carpentry and building trade history into being able to create traditional, spears, weapons, timber boondies, boomerangs, spears and coolamons. As my traditional timberwork progressed, I was approached to make speciality timber items such as coffee tables and larger style timber bowls that incorporated my own Aboriginal art, storylines, and carvings such as snakes, goannas and emus.

My inspiration for wanting to share my artwork came from the passing of a family friend who was an Aboriginal artist. His passion for wanting to share his culture through his artwork had been an inspiration for me and something that I wanted to carry on and be able to share with my own community.

My ideas and stories behind a majority of my paintings and artwork come from my 18 years of foster caring for Aboriginal children, my extended and ever-growing family, and my longstanding role as a strong Aboriginal male mentor to local youth within my community. These experiences have provided me with countless stories to share. In keeping with my strong family ties, my business KJC Aboriginal Art is named after my three children, Kayla, Jami-Lee and Cody. I love painting and being able to share my life, my culture and my experiences, my wife always tells me that if she stood still long enough she reckons I would paint her too. 

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